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The insanely easy way to display a beautiful, mobile-friendly list of adoptable pets from Petfinder on your website.

Fetch has been completely redesigned with the Petfinder v2 API. Learn what’s new.

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A screenshot of Fetch in action

Optimized for impact

Fetch makes it incredibly easy to create and customize beautiful lists of adoptable animals that your visitors will love.

  • It’s built for mobile. More than half of all web traffic in the US comes from mobile devices. Make sure visitors can browse your adoptable animals on whatever device they have with them.
  • It makes finding the perfect companion easier. An automatically generated set of filters lets your visitors easily find the perfect match.
  • It adapts to your design. Fetch inherits the colors, fonts, and branding from your site. Settings and CSS hooks make it easy to customize.

How does it work?

Just add two files and a little text to your site. Fetch uses the Petfinder API to handle the rest. If your site runs on WordPress, it also includes a plugin to make it even easier.

No ugly iframes or scroller widgets. No expensive developers. Just a beautiful, mobile-friendly list of your pets. Check out the demos to learn more.

Note: You will need to sign up for a free API key from

What’s new in Fetch v2?

Petfinder’s v1 API is being retired in January 2020. Fetch has been completely rewritten using the new Petfinder v2 API.

Here’s what’s new…

  • It automatically gets all of your pets. You won’t need to specific the number of animals to get anymore.
  • You can more easily display different lists on different pages (for example, cats on one page and dogs on another).
  • You can now display lists of pets that have already been adopted, too!
  • If a pet doesn’t have images yet, you can provide a default/fallback image to use instead.
  • It’s 4x smaller than the older version, which means it will load and run faster.

Unfortunately, the Petfinder v2 API no longer provides full descriptions for your pets. As a result, Fetch v2 does not include individual pet views. Clicking on a pet now opens up that animal’s profile on the Petfinder website.

Petfinder tells me that this feature is not on their roadmap and they have no current plans to implement it.

What content management systems does Fetch work with?

If your website allows you to upload CSS and JavaScript files, Fetch should work with it. This includes:

  • WordPress (Fetch comes with a plugin to make it even easier)
  • NationBuilder
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • And more!

Browser Compatibility

Fetch works in all modern browsers, including MS Edge. It does not work in Internet Explorer. Unsupported browsers can be shown a link to your pets on

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